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We offer "Time Travel" in our permanent exhibition:

The interaction between humans and the environment is also the subject of the exhibition: “Time Travel - life 4,000 years ago”. It deals more specifically with the environmental conditions and offers the visitor an unusual encounter and insight into everyday life in the Neolithic and Bronze Age. You will learn why people settled in Hitzacker, how they made their tools, what they ate, what dangers they faced, whether there were wars... in short, how they coped with their lives.

It was more than 4,000 years ago that humans settled on the banks of the Jeetzel (then a tributary of the Elbe) in order to build their houses, to create fields and to breed cattle. Did they expect a hard life or a carefree existence in harmony with nature? Their technical resources were limited - their "tool box" comprised tools made primarily of stone and antler - however the discovery of the new material bronze - an alloy of copper and tin - offered entirely new possibilities.

News of the advantages of this material: its malleability; its recyclability; and its special lustre quickly spread. Demand grew and its conquest of Europe began - tin from England, copper from south-eastern Europe combined with the already well-developed technical skills from the Middle East to create regional trade networks and contacts. Europe began to grow together and experience an era of profound change. Let yourself be drawn into this maelstrom of events of more than 4,000 years ago; the "Time Travel" exhibition offers you all this (from a safe distance), and guarantees your secure return to the present day.
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