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History is interesting, exciting and fun! We hope that you will share this opinion after visiting us at the Archaeological Centre Hitzacker. We have developed interactive activity programmes for all ages. As part of these activities, equipment and tools can be used or produced, and various crafts and skills learned and tried out. Working with your own hands and without modern tools is to know and understand how people once lived. We have, for example, prepared the following topics:

• A day in the Bronze Age
• Prehistoric Hunting
• Leather-working
• Art in the Bronze Age
• Earth, Fire and Ceramics
• Antler Crafts
• A Reliable Programme for Everyone
• Holiday programmes for families and children

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The Archaeological Centre Hitzacker offers even more: for your company outing, children's birthdays, confirmations, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations, we have the perfect setting and special programmes - and can also help you plan your celebration.

We are happy to help with all enquires regarding our activity programmes, booking for parties and celebrations, etc. For all activity programmes and celebrations, we kindly request that you make an advance booking.

More detailed information is available for download HERE and HERE

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