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If you are keen to discover how people used to live, how they produced their tools, where they lived, how they were clothed, what they ate, which dangers they faced, and how archaeologists have found all this out, then pay us a visit.

We will show you how to make a fire using a stone, how cereals were ground, how pottery was fired, or how people travelled in dug-out canoes (Einbaum). Discover those seasonal herbs that were used for medicine as well as nutrition. Lose yourself in the search for past and future within our wattle maze. Practice your role as hunter and provider for your family, on our archery range. If you want to book an activity then please have a look in our programme under “Activity programme - Join in and Explore”

With just a click you can be taken back more than 3000 years into the Bronze Age. The inhabitants of this little village on the bank of the river are waiting for you!

The museum is wheelchair accessible. Bike stands are located at the entrance to the museum.
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